GLOBALOPPORTUNITYSHOP.COM An Online Subscription Service, Products, and Educational Training Site for Serious Business Builders. FINANCIAL SECURITY IN THE 21'ST MILLENNIUM IS. DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
GLOBALOPPORTUNITYSHOP.COM An Online Subscription Service, Products, and Educational Training Site for Serious Business Builders. FINANCIAL SECURITY IN THE 21'ST MILLENNIUM IS.DIGITAL  ENTREPRENEURSHIP.  

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From the Desk of: Anthony Dismuke,CEO and Public Marketing Executive;

Let it be clear and well understood, this web site may not be for everyone, our Products and Services and Training is the Best of the Best,.  BUT their is a real possibiliy, that once you become a member who has join the TEAM,and take Action; (change is good),You will be taken to our membership training site, where you will be having 1on1 coaching.   It is our pledge to assist you and litterally take you step by step to almost guaranteed you will earn your, ROI (Return on Investment) of a Monthly membership FEE, which is $10.00 per month only on a recurring Credit or Debit card; (under U.S. Federal Law any register member of and / or  Marketwise Enterprises LLC. who decide they no-longer wish to be a member will be able to cancel their membership at any time); Please be advise the knowledge you will gain and the benefits of the Products is yours forever,. We certainly hope you stay with the Team and lets grow and build your Team, Remember our goal Once you become a member, is to assist you with becoming a Public Marketing Executive, It generally take 12 to 18 Months and yes we are fully aware that some will reach that position a lot sooner, for some it may take longer; (that's OK)  We know for a fact that once you become a member 99% of our members see results  within their  first 30 days as a Area Manager;  In other words they are earning some additional income and notice an improvement in their health and attitude, we at forcus, and direction is assisting the average person who is serious looking to improve their health and learn a New Skill while  creating  an additional income immediately! Yes we realize we placed a VERY LOW monthly Fee of ONLY $0.33 a day,. Why so very low? very simple, we at want the adverage person 18-95 yrs. and above, to have a real equal opportunity to JOIN and Grow & and Improve one's health, We're taking this combined Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry and making it available to anyone who Need to make some Changes,.This is the Direction....become a Member and join the Team take Action... Please be advise we, and / or Marketwise Enterprises LLC. has no control of the prices of any products or affiliates services of any others Entities, Our job is to Expose you to our Products and Opportunity, help and assist you to become Involve in Building your Team, up grade your Marketing Skill and assist you on Gaining Market Share,. Now of course, we don't work along, We have a Team of Experts in our Chosen Industry we Truly have the Best of the Best, assisting us,. Once you become a member you will have access to the Best, we Truly believe here at we have something to offer to the adverage person who need Change; this is the Direction;